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3 Ways to Promote Your Website When You Don't Have Any Money

Who says you need money to market your business. That’s one of the biggest myths in online marketing.
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Heck, online marketing is popular because it allows the little guy to compete with the large corporations without needing tons of cash.

Here’s how you market your website when you have no money.

Step 1: Go to Quora and search for all of the questions that people have within your space and answer them. When it makes sense, link back out to your website. This is so effective that my Quora profile gets hundreds of thousands of views each month.

Step 2: Create content in different formats (text, video, audio) and promote them on the social web (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Quora). You can post the same content on multiple social sites as Google DOES NOT penalize for duplicate content.

When using this tactic make sure you only put part of your content on social media and make the readers click over back to your site to read the rest.

Step 3: Google for forums within your space and respond to questions. Within your forum response add a signature that lists your website. The better response you give the more traffic you will get.

That’s how you market your website when you can’t spend any money on marketing. 🙂


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  1. Kylie Jonkman 12 months ago

    Hi Neil I am curious on how to apply your methods to selling products?

  2. Darrell Stevens 12 months ago

    Will there be more interesting videos on this topic?

  3. Bobvalla Lesly 12 months ago

    I always love watching your videos in relation to others.
    This so great Niel. Indeed you are a generous man

  4. Ant Brad 12 months ago

    Is there any chance you help my launch my site

  5. abdullaabdu65 12 months ago

    Neil, You Nailed it

  6. Jon Ching 12 months ago

    Well Neil:

    But if we still have cost of heat count right? It is because one person cannot do all the things man. What did you think?


  7. TrueFormLife 12 months ago

    If you go to a forum and drop your website link, don't some of them consider it spam? It's possible to get blocked like this , no?

  8. Mubashar Ali 12 months ago

    Hi Neil! I receive your emails regularly in my Inbox. Can you tell me which email software do you use for Followups, and other email marketing stuff? I need a real weapon under budget. Not so much expensive like Aweber and like this.

  9. Tilkb Today i learned 12 months ago

    Another Great Video
    I'm your big fan sir
    My question is if I want to target the just USA or any one country to get the audience for my facebook fan page. What I have to do on free methods. Not Paid

  10. babli rajbongshi 12 months ago

    Neil sir you are great😊

  11. Narendra Babu 12 months ago

    Hey Neil I was surbscribed your channel. Expecting more and pretty info from you to grow my career in social media marketing.


  12. Kendra Wilson 12 months ago


  13. Robert Gailey 12 months ago

    Out of all of the videos that I've been watching of yours, I enjoy this one a lot because you don't sound like your screaming. Love your content, keep up the good work!

  14. Essel Environmental Consulting 12 months ago

    Neil – you fit a lot of great info within 3-5 mins. Is that on purpose for YouTube strategy?

  15. Vinit Narayan Jha 12 months ago

    great video man! got it all cleared

  16. Teaira Eaton Curry 12 months ago

    So I've taken your advice and just started answering the forums of questions related to my field. At the end of my answer should I say if you need more assistance visit my website at or does that sound too pitchy?

  17. Teaira Eaton Curry 12 months ago

    Man I LOVE THIS GUY!!! May God bless you 100 fold Neil!

  18. NelleD 12 months ago

    Thank you . This video appeared at exactly the right time. This is just the information that I need right now.

  19. Tom T. 12 months ago

    Fantastic Video!!!

  20. ROHIT NEHRA 12 months ago

    Hi my answers blocked. How ?

  21. Vladimir Putin 12 months ago

    Hey Neil it's ankit I'm your big fan and I m recently started a Facebook page but the problem is I don't have money to promote my page so how I promote my fb page for free.

  22. jason nguyen 12 months ago

    Great method, but can you add subtitle to your videos, English is not my native language so appreciate for this.

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