AQW – TOP 10 EASY CLASSES In AQW & HOW To Get Them! (Non-Member) (Non-Rare) + GAMEPLAY!

Hello, Everyone! This is a list of the TOP 10 EASIEST Classes to Get in AQW & HOW TO GET THEM! ALL of the classes are Non-Mem, Non-Rare, So you are able to get them anytime you want! To get classic Pirate, head over to /join pirates and accept the “Map Recovery” quest from there it should drop the Classic Pirate Class! Orcacle class is FREE AC-TAGGED Class. You can find it in the “Class shop” in /join battleon. The Rustbucket Class & Enforcer Class are from /join crashsite. They BOTH have the same skills! Dragonslayer class can be found in /join lair. Make sure to complete Galanoth’s Dragonslayer Marshal quest and you can unlock the “DragonSlayer Rewards Shop”. The class costs 10,000 gold! First, to get Blood Sorceress, head over to /join towerofmirrors and fight “Scarletta” (BOSS DROP). If you’re level 50 with the class, you can merge the class into “Scarlet Sorceress” Just an upgraded version of the original class! Now we have The Collector Class from /join collection merge shop. To get the “Tokens of Collections” you must complete the quests from /join terrarium. Mems = 45 days, Non-mem = 90 days, Need x90 tokens for the class! Next is Cryomancer Class, head over to /join frozenruins to complete the quest. Non-Mem = 42 days, (1 daily) x2 per turn in. Mem = 28 days, (1 daily) x3 per turn in. You’ll need x84 Glacera Ice Tokens for the Cyromancer Class! For Pyromancer Class, /join xancave and do the daily quests for the Shurpu Blaze Tokens. Non-mem = 42 days (1 daily) x2 per turn in. Mem = 28 days (1 daily) x3 per turn in. You need x84 Shurpu Blaze Tokens to get the Pyromancer Class! The second Tier version of the class is called “Blaze Binder” class. After you have pyromancer class, you’ll need Rank 10 Doomwood for Darkness Sigil & Rank 10 Embersea for Flame Sigil. From there you can merge for the class! (Very good farming class). Last is Shadowscythe General Class in AQW! OVERALL, one of the best classes! /join Shadowfall to start the DAILIES. Mem = 17 days, x2 per turn in, x4 per turn in. Non-mem = 50 days, x2 per turn in. IF you don’t want to wait for the dailies, you can farm the Shadow shields from “Sigrid Sunshield” That’s it for the top 10 easy classes to get in aqw! I hope you all enjoy the video!

ShadowScythe General Class

Pyromancer Class / Blaze Binder Class

Classic Pirate Class

Oracle Class Class

Cryomancer Class

The Collector Class

Rustbucket Class / Enforcer Class

Ninja Class

Dragonslayer Class

Blood Sorceress / Scarlet Sorceress

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(If you’re reading this, I hope you enjoyed the video!)


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  1. HeroSaigo 11 months ago

    (FOR NEW PLAYERS) There's a couple of classes that require items that are from DAILY QUEST! I explained where & how to get them all! (SUPER EASY), Have an awesome day, Everyone! 🙂

  2. Whitelistkid 11 months ago


  3. SlaughtsaberGN 11 months ago

    Which class is recomended is for lvl 20 person? Im still using warrior

  4. Turhan Henderson 11 months ago

    As a player who starter less than 5 days ago, with less than about 5 hours of play… You've taught me stuff every other AQW YTer didn't lol. Love this content. You at least deserve a like, maybe sub!!

  5. Millan Asuncion 11 months ago

    where did you get that sword bro? at the beginning of the video

  6. Bima Sibejo 11 months ago

    rustbucket is op trust me

  7. Mark Ariel 11 months ago

    thanks to you i know got dragonslayer class!!! 😍

  8. GAB GAMER 11 months ago

    Hey men how to get your weapon in back ground

  9. Zeste 11 months ago

    good video

  10. Wayne Halina 11 months ago

    can u get blood sorc being lvl 23

  11. Zeck Zeroed 11 months ago

    The video i needed because heck im rusty asf in the game now during lockdown hahaha

  12. Anim3 L0ver 11 months ago

    First free Acs and Classes link –

  13. It's Jay Dacs 11 months ago

    Past 10 years ago the Rusbucket and enforcer was the Most Popular class on AQW

  14. Ignatius Thang Zahau 11 months ago

    Ninja’s shadowblade is a bit………….. overpowered?

  15. Vinh Quang Trương 11 months ago

    I can't find the guy that sells the oracle gear

  16. Azrigaming211 11 months ago
    here to get free ac

  17. Tamara Sue Strebel 11 months ago

    can i have a free member ship lol

  18. Katon Aji 11 months ago

    the most viewer videos of your channel is…
    good job, bro!

  19. Iago Moura 11 months ago

    put legion ravenant in 2º, and void highlord in 1º, so easy

  20. Miss Lalatina 11 months ago

    You can also buy dragon slayer in /battlecon

  21. zaw 11 months ago

    Wheres eternal inversionist and stonecrusher those 2 are op easy class to get get

  22. Midsummer Knight 11 months ago

    is the battlemage worth it?

  23. Eric Rellag 11 months ago

    Shadow shield can be farmed at sigrid sunshield at lightguard war. But I think it'll take 1 week or 4 days to farm it there so easy

  24. Serani Poji 11 months ago

    Thank you <3 I’ve only been playing this game for cute items lmao it’s time to play for real and get loads of classes

  25. Para 11 months ago

    for cryo its quest line takes soooooooo long well

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