Cheetah Mobile Ad Fraud

A new Buzzfeed investigation shows how some of the most popular third-party apps in the Play Store developed by Cheetah Mobile have been used to actively defraud advertisers out of millions of dollars.
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Hosts: Jason Howell, Florence Ion

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  1. Bogdan Bogdan 10 months ago

    Shamelessly extended to 10 Minutes.

  2. Dhante Blaze 10 months ago

    We did it boys, the ad fraud scandal is no more

  3. Pengu 10 months ago

    😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 I had to delete the game at the wrong time to get more storage now I can't even play my favorite games

  4. SAHIL MEHTA 10 months ago

    want to know why quickpic gallery app was removed from google play store?

  5. samjac75 10 months ago

    It's important to use the right terms. This is ATTRIBUTION FRAUD. They are tricking the attribution vendor tech to credit/award/attribute the last click that drove the install. Because these apps were listening to what apps a user is installing, Cheetah knew to inject the right click at the right time. Cheetah needed an ad network / affiliate network traffic selling operation in addition to the apps discussed in order to steal the installs from organic or other paid sources like google ad words or facebook ads.

    All About Android
    Jason Howell
    Florence Ion
    Ron Richards

  6. jay long 10 months ago

    Also when I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 back in the day I had a problem with the battery in Verizon operator told me to install Battery Doctor to resolve the problem

  7. jay long 10 months ago

    I use Clean Master and the other one security master and if I don't do the cleaning option and boost option my phone drags severely is there anything else I could do

  8. Andres Jurado 10 months ago

    Cheetah Mobile has been marred in scams forever! How are they still in the play store

  9. 胡昕 10 months ago

    I'm a web developer at Cheetah Mobile HQ in Beijing. When I woke up this morning and check the news then I realize maybe I should pay more attention to new jobs now 😂.
    As a web developer, I have little knowledge about the company's business side. But what I can say is that the ad department is a very large part of the company. And, there are many more apps Cheetah Mobile developed beside the utility apps you said such as PhotoGrid (very popular in Taiwan region) and Liveme (a popular live stream app in US)

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