Dynasty Warriors 8 (JPN) – Zhou Tai Gameplay (MAX STATS) (Chaos Difficulty) [HD]

He’s still a badass, perhaps even more so as he’s got his cape back.

His weapon and moveset remains pretty much intact from 7. The only difference I’ve noted is you can no longer execute EX – full charged switch. Combo alternatives are EX – JCC (Jump Charge Cancel), EX – Musou 1 or EX – JAC (Jump Attack Cancel) (though not recommended, as it’s prone to failure).

Musou 2 is decent, but a far cry from his spectacular first musou. Jump charge is very effective at getting enemies back up from the ground as with most jump charges.

Overall, nerfed in one aspect, but also improved with the ability to jump charge. Don’t forget the awakening musou. So it rounds it out.


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  1. allstyles_Raven_36 8 months ago

    Zhou tai my favourite on dw4 hyper

  2. ZZ Z 8 months ago

    I like your battle style

  3. [MONOTONE KAMI] 8 months ago

    What’s the input for that move at 2:55? I can never get it out

  4. Lupul Singuratic 8 months ago

    What is this stage,Wonderpierrot?

  5. Christopher Chan 8 months ago

    funny how he hops around

  6. Coasting 8 months ago

    After vomiting from the ruined DW9 Zhou Tai gameplay, I had to come back and watch this video.

  7. 2ToTheDome 8 months ago

    always been my favorite character

  8. Tuan Anh Hoang 8 months ago

    YASUOOOOOOOOOO Hasagi !!!!!!!

  9. Văn Tài 8 months ago

    woau you play zhou tai is best!!! I have never seen any one play great than you

  10. discontinued channel 8 months ago

    Hold R when ac5ivating musou to defeat a single enemy officer, it'll help your life

  11. mrsevent7 8 months ago

    I usually just skip around the battlefield by jump cancelling the jump attack over and over.

  12. Nyanisty 8 months ago

    dam…..thought i was good at this game

  13. Jimmy Joe Bermudez 8 months ago

    What's the name of the bgm?

  14. vidfreak727 8 months ago

    And the award for the most badass goes to…..Zhou Tai!

  15. KillerQueenOW 8 months ago

    3:06 how did you do that ?

  16. Hà Nguyễn 8 months ago

    3:06 how to do that ? pls teach me

  17. Kevin Sneed 8 months ago

    Holy Shit! 624 hit combo! DAMN!!!!!!

  18. Kevin Sneed 8 months ago

    he is so badass. this is what a true samurai should be like

  19. Just Justin 8 months ago

    Beast mode activated…

  20. SamuraiEddie 8 months ago

    You are a absolute beast at this!

  21. GíղԵօƘí 8 months ago

    I've loved Zhou. tai from the beginning

  22. Ovan 8 months ago

    Uesugi Kenshin ( Sengoku Basara 3 ) >  Mitsunari Ishida ( Sengoku Basara 3  )  > Zhou Tai 

  23. Ryan goh 8 months ago

    Nice you finished it in just 9mins wow!

  24. ShuXione 8 months ago

    i need to get this game…ASAP

  25. Butt-Bagg Ass Mann 8 months ago

    Zhou Tai > Mitsunari Ishida (Sengoku Basara)

  26. vergil kuchiki 8 months ago

    @IKEEMBLEM he did the samething in DW5 too ya know

  27. IKEEMBLEM 8 months ago

    Remember his DW4 grab where he held you up with his sheath and proceeded to repeatedly bitchslap you with his Katana? I miss that attack.

    Also, his alternate outfits in 4, with the masked helmet were great, we need them back.

  28. finalfencer 8 months ago

    I loved Dynasty warriors. Been playing since 2 and haven't regretted it. They have a style of game that they focus on. They are consistent and I know what I'm getting every time I buy their games.

  29. Kyoraijin 8 months ago

    Well there is dynasty warriors 6 Empires that has the Ruler mode in which you can, if you want, command your troops to do the fighting while you just sit back and watch the fight from a strategist's point of view ^^

  30. Kevin Arnold 8 months ago

    As far as I've heard this game has more challenge than some of the more recent ones. The guy playing here is just insanely good and has his/her character at max. However I believe the progression getting your characters to max is challenging. Lu Bu is as scary as he was in DW4 and lower. Being able to 1 hit you or 2 hit you depending on the difficulty. Also, as far as the gameplay videos I have seen, the regular troops appear to be slightly more aggressive and don't just stand there as much.

  31. solracdawal 8 months ago

    Loyal Dynasty/Samurai Warriors fans might disagree with you.

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