GTA 5 – Michael buying a garage (Vehicle Storage property)

M said his family took his Obey car so he might as well buy that SUV he always wanted.

Video shows Michael buying a Garage, which is for Vehicle Storage. Garages are the main way to ‘save’ vehicles in GTA 5.

Last-gen it also featured DLC cars on the Special Vehicles list but the current-gen version of the game removed all the last-gen DLC cars except for 1 from this, added them to the game world ‘car pool’ or car stores, and stopped adding current-gen DLC cars to single-player.

Every character gets 1 Garage they can buy; all ‘safehouse’ garages can store 2 cars, including Trevor’s trailer and Franklin’s aunt’s place — though it’s difficult to fit to cars but you can fit a car and a bike easily in the latter; it also stays usable throughout the whole game, but Trevor’s at Floyd’s does not. Lastly, Trevor’s last ‘safehouse’ garage has many spots but only 2 cars will save, and also NPC cars can spawn in any of the spots and ‘bug out’ your car, so be careful — this was a bug added with the current gen version of the game and Rockstar never fixed it as of 2018.



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  1. Trevor Philips 11 months ago

    1:35 – the location of Michael's garage

    Surprised this video got so many views… it was just a random part of my Roleplay Longplay 😛 But I guess the game doesn't explain Garages much so people are searching it.

    Pro-Tip: You can keep using Franklin's garage at his mom's/aunt's throughout the entire game. And two (2!) cars can fit inside Trevor's trailer garage.

    FYI Trivia: Garages in the PS3 and PS4 versions are different.. They used to be more distinctly unlocked/introduced after Trevor's Nervous Ron mission. And, all DLC cars were free on the Garage Special Car list. PS4 changed that. You can just go to Garages sooner now, but all the cars except for 1 were removed from the Special Car list — gotta buy or steal them in-game now.

  2. Michael Patrick Jonte 11 months ago

    I still can’t find it

  3. Faiz Naqvi 11 months ago

    Is this in online?

  4. Emir Zahirovc 11 months ago

    Does your house save

  5. king iyed / special gaming channel 11 months ago

    am i the only one got for free or its a glich my freind totally frozen he didint beleive it

  6. ZenzoplaysORG 11 months ago

    I cant buy it do i have to be Michael but i still cant but it help me

  7. Amir Faisal 11 months ago

    u should buy nice car dude 😂

  8. Giant Jelloman 11 months ago


  9. Esperance Niyonkuru 11 months ago

    Nic video

  10. DMG Mana 11 months ago

    Can anyone help me?
    Remember when you could choose cars inside the garage that you could get inside (not from the phone inside the gme and not one you put in but drom inside the garage) yeah a friend of mine needs help since that doesn't work and he asks if there is a way to get that on X Box One

  11. Euan Manicat Vlogs 11 months ago

    THANK YOU THANK YOU so much 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  12. No Signal Gaming 11 months ago

    Nice video man

  13. David Campean 11 months ago

    Omg Thank you very much Working 100%

  14. Afshin-7 11 months ago

    I like your channel keep up bro

  15. Dannysmokes 11 months ago

    Did u really buy that ugly shyt of a car?…

  16. Miss Zaib 11 months ago

    Tell me about your PC specificion please

  17. Omar Mohamed 11 months ago


  18. Tahir xD 11 months ago

    hey bro which recorder are you using? pc

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  20. Noz Q 11 months ago

    Please help i dont have vinewood garage on my map

  21. Cohan Jay Clinton 11 months ago

    Okay hopw

  22. Cohan Jay Clinton 11 months ago

    Your to

  23. happyhappy85 11 months ago

    Google if for some reason terrible at explaining how to buy a garage so… here i am

  24. رومبو ROMPO 11 months ago

    Fuck you

  25. bill 2679 11 months ago

    Why is your name Trever Phillips if your playing as Michael????????

  26. Nazri Razak 11 months ago

    I got this weird glitch whenever you bought a car it become annis elegy. Can someone help me solve this glitch?

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