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How to Change Office 2007 Product Key

This tutorial details how to change the Office 2007 product key.

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This tutorial is going to show you how to change office 2007 product key.

Step # 1 — Opening Registry Editor

Make sure that you don’t have any Office 2007 programs running then click on “Start” and then “Run”. In the text field in the window that appears you need to type “regedit” and click “OK”. This will load the registry editor.

Step # 2 — Accessing the Registration Folder

Within Registry Editor you need to navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”, “SOFTWARE”, “Microsoft”, “Office”, “12.0” then “Registration”. Inside the “Registration” folder you will find a folder labeled with many numbers, click on this to open its contents in the right side of the window.

Step # 3 — Deleting the Registration Entries

Within this folder you need to delete two entries. First, find “DigitalProductID” and right click on it and in the menu that appears click “Delete”, confirm the deletion in the window that appears. Repeat this process for the second file called “ProductID”. Now when you open any program from the Office 2007 package you will be asked to enter a product key, this is where you can enter your new product code and that is how to change office 2007 product key.

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  2. machele29 12 months ago

    are you saying to make up a 15 or so digit number at random because you left ALL of us with not knowing what the new product key is. If yo want views…..you have to help and better explain yourself dud…please

  3. Dilley Bellew 12 months ago

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  5. Louise Stokes 12 months ago

    My problem was when I hit save it came back saying I did not have permission~

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  7. Rajip Cezapati 12 months ago

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  8. Crooked Halo 12 months ago

    My problem is what the heck do I enter as the new product key?

  9. zikri firdaus 12 months ago

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  12. AeriAnna Fox 12 months ago

    How do you get the activation wizard to stop popping up when you open Microsoft?

  13. AeriAnna Fox 12 months ago

    what if the folder with all the numbers is empty? It don't show anything.

  14. Lean Vazqu 12 months ago

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  18. Vang George C 12 months ago

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  19. PobyFenrir 12 months ago

    Same here, only options under 12.0 are UserSettings and MSOExample.
    Trying to scour to find the registry directory assistance appreciated

  20. ProChoiceJesus 12 months ago

    The only selections under 12.0 on my pc are MSO Example and User Settings, neither of which have registry.

  21. - Ivan - 12 months ago

    Thank you so much!

  22. Adrian Hazard 12 months ago


  23. SlavB 12 months ago

    Thank u

  24. Andres C. 12 months ago

    I can't find the digital product ID and product ID. What do i do?? Please Help!!

  25. Maria Frias 12 months ago

    i cant find registry please help !!!!!!!!!!

  26. Perry Soda 12 months ago

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  27. mrscruubybubbles 12 months ago

    I can't believe it worked… THANK YOU!!!

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  29. GreekStuff 12 months ago

    Thank U so much 😀 <3

  30. Asterix 12 months ago

    Worked like a charm 🙂
    Thank you very much!

  31. TheDarkCheese 12 months ago


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