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How to Delete All Sent Friend Requests on Facebook at Once 2018 [100% Working Trick]

How to Delete All Sent Friend Requests

1 – First, Open this link from your browser

2 – Now, pass the page to the bottom, until you see all requests on the page.

3 – Click on the F12 button on your keyboard To Open console.

4 – Now Copy and paste this code (JavaScript) in console.

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  1. Mohammad Al-Sa'adi 12 months ago

    javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('_54k8 _56bs _56bt');

    for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {



  2. Bay 12 months ago

    I cannot see cancel or undo button but only request sent 🙁 Please help meeee

  3. Kfsf Foulis 12 months ago

    "1:46""recommend the fb bot software http://whitehatsoftwares.yolasite.com/" 3D molto complessi che non hanno niente a che vedere con un developer (o quasi). Praticamente non si capisce perché cerchino

  4. AUBREY 12 months ago

    works thanks

  5. Copy Magnet 12 months ago

    I just tried this now – OMG it ADDED 196 friends – I'm so angry right now – as soon as I went into FB, a whole bunch of guys trying to chat me up and one guy called me. I've now got to manually go and remove 196 people. This doesn't work!

  6. Discovery Cube 12 months ago

    Amazing. It worked. Thanks buddy.

  7. Neloy Rudra 12 months ago

    This app do almost same work in android
    Make a video. . .

  8. Victor Smoker 12 months ago

    I give up .all that cut and copy and paste shit confused the fuck out of me!😒

  9. Utsav Gajjar 12 months ago


  10. Sujith Nuwanpriya 12 months ago

    Wow, it works. Supb..Thank you….

  11. Net Freak Jerry 12 months ago

    thenq so much dear

  12. Kibrey Tetemke 12 months ago

    It's 2020 and this still freaking works Good job man!!

  13. Kal Mian 12 months ago

    thank you worked perfectly!

  14. 1000 subs with 0 vids? 12 months ago

    thank u very much

  15. Ezequiel Pestania 12 months ago

    2020 not working

  16. Sachin Khatak 12 months ago

    2020 2 March Still WORKS
    trick is you have to use mobile site
    dont use desktop site or you will get banned or the code may not work!

  17. Sumit Sarkar 12 months ago

    feb 2020 still working

  18. Ankit Sharma 12 months ago

    thank a lot working, working.
    somehow it may be possible, that option to show friend request will not appear. in that case people can use the link below.


    once again. thanks buddy <3

  19. Emraan Ash 12 months ago

    on uc browser mine didn't work, can you explain? every-time I enter the code it says you can't send any more request which doesn't make sense….

  20. Ajai Le Grand 12 months ago


  21. emoboi_jay 12 months ago

    February 1st 2020- didn't work, was i the only one?

  22. Devilz Fightfire 12 months ago

    works really well thx

  23. Nirdesh Pokhrel 12 months ago

    Thank You!

  24. Nikhil Gala 12 months ago

    working .. as on 1-nov-2019

  25. Ricardo Ramos 12 months ago

    I have over 1200 friend request in less than a week in my church's facebook acc in just a few days n not sure what could b…have my personal facebook acc too on my phone n it is normal…cant see any app suspicious, runs the malwarebite n kaspersky in my phone n it is clean, could b installed in another device the virus like the pc? But is weird for sure this n now cant accept any request because not sure which one is real, most of the have "friends in common" pls help!

  26. E A 12 months ago

    thank you so much this was so helpfull 🙂

  27. Snipo 12 months ago


  28. G art 12 months ago

    how to unfollow all at once?

  29. Christopher Glen Smiley 12 months ago

    Thanks man

  30. sameera prasath 12 months ago

    worked thanks 🙂

  31. chuong vu 12 months ago

    thank you

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