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How to Delete All Sent Friend Requests on Facebook at Once 2018 [100% Working Trick]

How to Delete All Sent Friend Requests

1 – First, Open this link from your browser

2 – Now, pass the page to the bottom, until you see all requests on the page.

3 – Click on the F12 button on your keyboard To Open console.

4 – Now Copy and paste this code (JavaScript) in console.

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  1. Mohammad Al-Sa'adi 8 months ago

    javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('_54k8 _56bs _56bt');

    for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {



  2. Bay 8 months ago

    I cannot see cancel or undo button but only request sent 🙁 Please help meeee

  3. Kfsf Foulis 8 months ago

    "1:46""recommend the fb bot software http://whitehatsoftwares.yolasite.com/" 3D molto complessi che non hanno niente a che vedere con un developer (o quasi). Praticamente non si capisce perché cerchino

  4. AUBREY 8 months ago

    works thanks

  5. Copy Magnet 8 months ago

    I just tried this now – OMG it ADDED 196 friends – I'm so angry right now – as soon as I went into FB, a whole bunch of guys trying to chat me up and one guy called me. I've now got to manually go and remove 196 people. This doesn't work!

  6. Discovery Cube 8 months ago

    Amazing. It worked. Thanks buddy.

  7. Neloy Rudra 8 months ago

    This app do almost same work in android
    Make a video. . .

  8. Victor Smoker 8 months ago

    I give up .all that cut and copy and paste shit confused the fuck out of me!😒

  9. Utsav Gajjar 8 months ago


  10. Sujith Nuwanpriya 8 months ago

    Wow, it works. Supb..Thank you….

  11. Net Freak Jerry 8 months ago

    thenq so much dear

  12. Kibrey Tetemke 8 months ago

    It's 2020 and this still freaking works Good job man!!

  13. Kal Mian 8 months ago

    thank you worked perfectly!

  14. 1000 subs with 0 vids? 8 months ago

    thank u very much

  15. Ezequiel Pestania 8 months ago

    2020 not working

  16. Sachin Khatak 8 months ago

    2020 2 March Still WORKS
    trick is you have to use mobile site
    dont use desktop site or you will get banned or the code may not work!

  17. Sumit Sarkar 8 months ago

    feb 2020 still working

  18. Ankit Sharma 8 months ago

    thank a lot working, working.
    somehow it may be possible, that option to show friend request will not appear. in that case people can use the link below.


    once again. thanks buddy <3

  19. Emraan Ash 8 months ago

    on uc browser mine didn't work, can you explain? every-time I enter the code it says you can't send any more request which doesn't make sense….

  20. Ajai Le Grand 8 months ago


  21. emoboi_jay 8 months ago

    February 1st 2020- didn't work, was i the only one?

  22. Devilz Fightfire 8 months ago

    works really well thx

  23. Nirdesh Pokhrel 8 months ago

    Thank You!

  24. Nikhil Gala 8 months ago

    working .. as on 1-nov-2019

  25. Ricardo Ramos 8 months ago

    I have over 1200 friend request in less than a week in my church's facebook acc in just a few days n not sure what could b…have my personal facebook acc too on my phone n it is normal…cant see any app suspicious, runs the malwarebite n kaspersky in my phone n it is clean, could b installed in another device the virus like the pc? But is weird for sure this n now cant accept any request because not sure which one is real, most of the have "friends in common" pls help!

  26. E A 8 months ago

    thank you so much this was so helpfull 🙂

  27. Snipo 8 months ago


  28. G art 8 months ago

    how to unfollow all at once?

  29. Christopher Glen Smiley 8 months ago

    Thanks man

  30. sameera prasath 8 months ago

    worked thanks 🙂

  31. chuong vu 8 months ago

    thank you

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