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How to Setup Google Analytics & Install on Website

Follow along in this step-by-step guide to setup a Google Analytics account & install Google Analytics on your website… all in under 10 minutes.

1:18 – Setup a Google Account
2:08 – Signup for Google Analytics
5:30 – Setup Google Analytics for WordPress via MonsterInsights Plugin
9:03 – Setting up Google Analytics for MonsterInsights plugin
10:45 – Add tracking script to a custom website
11:35 – Where to find your Google Analytics tracking ID/script
13:52 – Test that Google Analytics is setup properly & collecting data

Google Analytics is a free, powerful website analytics tool that I highly recommend you install on your website. Setting up an account is free & easy, and you gain valuable information about your website visitors.

I’ll show you two ways to install the Google Analytics tracking script onto your site:

1. For WordPress websites, I’ll show you how to install & configure the Google Analytics for MonsterInsights plugin.
2. For static & hand-coded sites, or an alternate method for WordPress, I’ll show you how to add the GA tracking script directly to your website files (or WordPress theme).

– How to setup a Google Account
– How to register for Google Analytics
– Where to find your tracking code
– How to install a popular WordPress plugin used with Google Analytics
– How to add the GA tracking script directly to your site


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  1. Alessandro Berizzi 11 months ago

    thanks buddy

  2. Pedro Miller 11 months ago

    Thank you WP Smackdown, very helpful!

  3. Mystic TeepMC 11 months ago

    i see,

  4. Ena Taguiam 11 months ago

    I tried this and the data won't load on my Google Analytics. Whenever I try to paste the code on "header.php" it keeps saying that something went wrong.

  5. Rohit Bhatt 11 months ago

    osm video bro

  6. Moksham Sharma 11 months ago

    Really accurate information. Helped me big time. Cheers!!

  7. Abdul Karim Mbazira 11 months ago

    i added the tag to my website code right after <head> but i didnt get any traffic on the test

  8. basterista 11 months ago

    What are your reasons to use a WordPress plugin rather than copying the Google code to the header.php file?

  9. Eivind Bjørnenak 11 months ago

    I currently don`t have a website, but would like to learn Google Analytics for developement of personal competencies. Would it be against any juristiciton to use someone else`s website URL? or is there an obligation to have a personal webpage?

  10. Brian Bui 11 months ago

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  11. Brother Dan 11 months ago

    I'm a beginner, and quite frustrated. The interface has changed, the buttons have changed, the sections have changed, and I'm floundering.

  12. Mario Callejas 11 months ago

    I use timelin9..it's a flexible, timeline-based web analytics..all I need.

  13. Ptmp727 11 months ago

    Excellent and clear. Great Tutorial. I am just finishing a custom framework for a university project using PHP/JS. Now in my project there is only one html shell, (Its a SPA basically), Once the html is sent to the browser, new pages never load, only parts of the body refresh, and only the html which is different is added.
    I will be updating the website URLs to maintain state. Any advice on how this could work in this environment? Many thanks in advance

  14. THEE MountainT 11 months ago

    Thank you for starting from the beginning but why I am still seeing that there is no data. There has to be some sort of data on my website. I am trying with old email and then I created a new account still no data on the phone app. Some one help me please.

  15. Ya Ya 11 months ago

    Do I need to have my own website in order to do this, or is there a way to look at analytics for any website? I'm currently a student and am just trying to learn about Google Analytics to earn the certificate.

  16. Vilden Ultrums 11 months ago

    Anyone help please guys? I need to adjust my code so that the event hits always come after the pageview hit..
    Otherwise, my Analytics will be showing the wrong data.. below are the Values

    Question is – where I have to put these values? I know it should be somewhere in the Tracking code, but not sure exactly where.. thanks so much

    Here is the code that I'm not sure where I have to put it.. but exactly where.. I know it should be somewhere in the tracking code or so

    ga('send', 'pageview');

    ga('send', 'event', 'eventCategory', 'eventAction');

  17. Live Free Travel Hard 11 months ago

    Just to make sure: So I have wordpress and I completed the process up to 10:43 That means I don't have to do anything else right? Adsense is now in cahoots with my site? Or do I have to continue with the adding tracking script to my theme?..

  18. Digital :: Netlynx Inc 11 months ago

    Thank you for https://www.netlynxinc.com/psd-to-wordpress-conversion.html sharing such beautiful Information. please keep sharing such as useful information.

  19. Russ Lickteig 11 months ago

    Great video! Got right to the point….truly appreciate it!

  20. Rahul Singha 11 months ago

    So if I installed the google analytics plugin in WordPress, I don't need to paste the tracking code?

  21. biz tcb 11 months ago

    We built our website with Weebly, we have tried to install Google analytics and have found it to be incredibly confusing and difficult even after watching a number of how to video's, none of which are truly "step by step" there are not always answers or solutions for things that pop up, making it impossible and extremely frustrating…
    We would be FOREVER GRATEFUL for any help..
    Thank You Thank You Thank You


  22. Hemant Raghav 11 months ago

    Thanks for the information I managed to install analytics with the help of this video.

  23. Online Marketing Strategies 11 months ago

    Perfectly explained. Thanks for this. Very helpful indeed. Using a plugin for Google Analytics makes it super easy to install. Thanks, Phil

  24. House Numbers 11 months ago

    Thank you, If I’m tracking 3 different websites in analytics, is there a way to track all at the same time on the same “overview” page without switching back and forth between accounts? Thanks again

  25. Eric Banuelos 11 months ago

    One step at a time and easy to follow!

    Great video, fam. Wish all my teachers simplified lessons this way

  26. Vision Quest 11 months ago

    Very useful video. Well worth a watch if you are new to Google Analytics.

  27. Rone Yap 11 months ago

    I subscribed.. Great video learned a lot.

  28. Eliza Scott 11 months ago

    Thank you so so much

  29. Sneha Erojirao 11 months ago

    Hello! I have a company website with .org extension, when I tried creating an account and added URL 'Default URL is Invalid' error popped up. Can I know if I could use .org or .ca as extension and create an account with Google Analytics or is it impossible? If so, can anyone suggest me any SEO tools for the same?

  30. Inés Santiago 11 months ago

    Hi! I followed your steps but when I press the uodate button it says:

    It has not been possible to contact the site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change has been reversed. You will have to upload the change to your PHP file by other means, such as using SFTP. "
    I don´t know what to do. Thank you for your help

  31. Amol Jore 11 months ago

    Excellent super helpfull

  32. Guillermo Santa Cruz 11 months ago

    Excellent video, very instructional, thanks!

  33. gem jenny 11 months ago

    nice video my friend.very helpful

  34. Eskimoz 11 months ago

    Efficace et accessible merci 🙂

  35. Jeffrey Martin 11 months ago

    This was super helpful!
    Thank you

  36. William Aydlotte 11 months ago

    How rto set up email group on MAC

  37. Adimas Saputra 11 months ago

    can I get certificate when I sign google analytics ?

  38. Hunter6117 11 months ago

    Great help thanks

  39. bhagat sarma 11 months ago

    This video helped me a lot for configure my server that i rented from www.datasoft.ws

    Please upload more videos.

  40. Peter Onger 11 months ago

    12:14 – Hey, i see your Tracking ID.

  41. Lemons 11 months ago

    It says I can't use it because my email ends in "@gmail.com"…Any idea what to do?

  42. Maxi Be 11 months ago

    Thank you so much, you made it easy to follow, i thought this would be hard 🙂

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