LEGO DIY Number Puzzle Game MOC + Tutorial

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My gear:
Canon Rebel T1i
El Cheapo tripod from Target
Squeaky but at the same time amazing Mr. Lamp
My special chicken dudes


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  1. Fiorella jerónimo 11 months ago


  2. The Brick Chick 11 months ago

    Wow this is a super cool and creative idea, great video! I'll definitely have to make this once I have access to all my LEGO stuff which is all in storage right now unfortunately. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. Epicpiggy 11 months ago

    Having this on the car would be awesome 😀

  4. Rogue Bone 11 months ago

    This Moc is so cool and I like the chicken at the stat

  5. joe292 11 months ago

    I saw one of your older videos and thought: "Oh it's probably one of those dead Lego channels", but, to my surprise you're still making content. Keep it up! 😀

  6. Lockout Blocks 11 months ago

    Awesome tutorial. 🙂

  7. X-Bricks 11 months ago

    HA, nice MOC. My question though is did you visit the chicken coop just to film this scene?

  8. Special Chicken 11 months ago

    Nwice vwideo mwomy!

  9. Mipi 11 months ago

    Cool! I know this puzzle, where you have to put together a picture. 🐧

  10. BrickMagic 11 months ago

    You're videos are insanely good this is an awesome thing. I hope these take over fidget spinners and pretty chickens all over the world have one.

  11. ThisIsNolan 11 months ago

    Chickens! This is a very detailed tutorial! I need to make this. Keep up the AMAZING work 😀 I need a label maker now…

  12. Adam J Roberts 11 months ago

    love them they can beat the figet spinners easy

  13. TD BRICKS 11 months ago

    First! Who wants more chicken awesomeness?

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