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Logitech M331 (M330) Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Grabbed a Logitech M331 (M330) Silent Plus Wireless Mouse for 30USD, how was it? Please use our affiliate links for AmazonUS: RED: | BLACK | GRAY:
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  1. Techspin 12 months ago

    Please use our affiliate links for AmazonUS: RED: https://amzn.to/2MvOWIv | BLACK https://amzn.to/2JX5Jpm | GRAY: https://amzn.to/2lbRqzh
    AmazonCA: https://amzn.to/2yhe4zt AmazonUK: https://amzn.to/2yiqozr

  2. SmartTech HD 12 months ago

    The Mi silent mouse is just as silent, I have one and I love it!

  3. Simonas Poviliūnas 12 months ago

    what's the difference between b330 and m330 ?

  4. fariq fatah 12 months ago

    is there any pshycological side effect when u click the mouse but hear no click? hahaha

  5. Bhargab Sarma 12 months ago

    Is this small?

  6. fallenSlave 12 months ago

    how do you change the batteries?

  7. Totozio 12 months ago

    The buttons are silent and very soft but i notice that sometimes the right button miss-click with my finger weight. P.S I have a lightweight hand.

  8. Twit Twit 12 months ago

    Love this M331. I've been using this mouse since 2015 until now the left button is malfunction. I just bought the new one today.

  9. Alistair Gene Yap 12 months ago

    I'm confused, please clarify, so were you or where you not able to connect your K270 keyboard to the dongle that came with the M331? I ask because I have the same keyboard. It's one of the best basic keyboards out there by the way.

  10. CallASpadeASpade 12 months ago

    I have used this mouse for 10+ months and though it’s nice due to the nearly silent clicks, ergonomic design that makes it easy to use for long duration, Logitech really screwed up the scroll wheel by putting in the worst scroll mechanism in their lineup. The scroll was rough and slow out of the box, absolutely useless for scrolling long documents/webpages. It started to slow down during scrolling and the page went in the opposite direction for few seconds. Now it either does not work or works so bad that I rather hold the scroll bar and move it.

    Logitech warranty policy is not customer-friendly either. They may repair or give the customer a replacement (new or refurbished) arbitrarily ─ customer has no say in it despite having invested money & time in their product and suffered loss of productivity, experienced frustration due to the malfunction.

  11. Rasmus 12 months ago

    Difference between the M333 and B333 model?

  12. VinnyMagoo 12 months ago

    Does this work with iPhones on iOS 13???

  13. jack johnson 12 months ago

    tad socially awkward but its ok i love you

  14. orhema oluga 12 months ago

    Please I know you already answered this, but what is the difference between THE M330 and M331, although you stated they were the same but different regions, what did you mean by that. Also are the more silent than the Srockers c10. Thank you

  15. Gobi G 12 months ago

    One of my favourite mouse ever in my life, it's so smooth and convenient to use. Thanks for review…

  16. Mr Robby 12 months ago

    This is a great mouse. No, it's not small at all. It's longer, shorter in height, lighter in weight, and has a larger grip area than my Logitech Anywhere MX, and is much bigger than my relatively flat HP Bluetooth Z5000 "Silent" mouse. The HP purports to be a "Silent" mouse, too. But it is actually louder than the Anywhere MX, a much older mouse. The M330 (my model, in black – no other color available) is really, really silent and still has the click feel. It's also very smooth and works perfectly out of the package. No software update was needed, nor was any found on the Logitech website or Win10 update. I don't need any extra buttons like the Anywhere MX has. All I need is a scroll wheel and the two main mouse buttons.. That's all the M330 has and that's all I need.

  17. Joshedeur Lau 12 months ago

    I got one, but it wont work. Its turned on, what now?

  18. Sai Prem 12 months ago

    does m331 can be connected to unifying receiver?

  19. Noobics 12 months ago

    I like loud mice

  20. Master Chevvy 12 months ago

    That rubber on the side turns into dust after a year

  21. VemVem Games 12 months ago

    Does this work with iPadOS?

  22. AA 12 months ago

    Perfect for an assasin gamer like me !

  23. A B 12 months ago

    Best review ever. With comparison, specs and other aspects. Well done.

  24. Aniket Kapse 12 months ago

    If it goes to sleep mode, how well will it preserve the battery? Is it as good as having the mouse turned off completely?

  25. Observer 12 months ago

    I just bought this mouse, it is indeed silent, performance is good. What I dont like is the pointly plastic part behind the wheel, almost everytime I scroll the wheel my finger scratch on that pointly part, it is not painful but very annoying, I guess I have to disassemble it and use sandpaper.

  26. AK M 12 months ago

    What's the difference between M330 and M331? Any difference in sizes or performance wise?

  27. J C 12 months ago

    Hi. I had the M330 and the buttons were too easy to press so when I moved the mouse it would click on accident. I returned it because of that issue. Could it be that I got a faulty one? Does the M331 fix that issue?

  28. Vessy Gerasimova 12 months ago

    I have the same mouse but the colour is blue with black. I want to say that this mouse is so so so comfortable and strong

  29. Joseph Isaac 12 months ago

    I almost returned the package, thinking the receiver was missing. It is inside the battery chamber. Thanks for the video.

  30. Rhys Anderson 12 months ago

    The buttons are silent, have they got the "clicky" feel?

  31. Giant Destroyer 12 months ago

    does this work on android using otg connection?

  32. Another Guy 12 months ago

    My other wireless mouse just broke. (It broke after so much care for 1 year I guess i do to much clicking)

    This is what I need.

  33. TraZay 12 months ago

    I have the red one yay

  34. Brock Mak 12 months ago

    Is there a left-handed version?

  35. Đình Tùng 12 months ago

    Great review! Thank you

  36. Farah 12 months ago

    Happiness is something you gain. As it is said to profit another taste and another color I hope to taste this taste of your channel all the best to you I love you

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