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Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital

This book answers the ultimate question in the minds of next-generation marketers: ‘In a connected world, what are the new rules of marketing?’ With increased mobility and connectivity, customers have shorter attention span to consider and evaluate brands. There are two major implications. First, marketers need to stand out and deliver a moment to get customer attention. Secondly, customers rely on the advice of their friends and family on which brand to choose. The book discusses the power shifts, the paradoxes of connectivity, and the future sub-cultures that will shape the future of marketing. It will lay the foundation which makes WOW Marketing imperative. It will explain how WOW Marketing improves marketing productivity.


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  1. Meena Asisa 1 year ago

    Good job

  2. Jonathan Hurwitz 1 year ago

    I wanted to buy this book, but this is probably the most boring book trailer I've ever seen, could't even finish watching it… so decided not to buy the book :/

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