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SB vs GRF Highlights ALL GAMES | LCK Summer 2020 Promotion | Sandbox Gaming vs Griffin

SB vs GRF Highlights Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, ALL GAMES | LCK Summer 2020 Promotion | Sandbox Gaming vs Griffin

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  1. Soularies 1 year ago

    Get fucked Sword. what a garbage as player

  2. joël timmerman 1 year ago

    Back to back to back finalist to getting relegated.

  3. Laszlo Leber 1 year ago

    1:55 When your whole team is fighting, but the control ward is more important Xd

  4. Mario 1 year ago

    Lol thank god get this shit org out of the LCK BYE BYE GRF

  5. Frank Bordeaux 1 year ago

    Hope Tarzan leaves GRF now. I want him to go to IG. Imagine Theshy, Tarzan, and Rookie 🤯

  6. RL Kacper 1 year ago


  7. 徐蔡坤 1 year ago

    Route is god

  8. Ceazear999 1 year ago

    Look how low mighty has fallen

  9. Shem Virtudazo 1 year ago

    Naehyun is better than ucal

  10. Kanade Tachibana 1 year ago

    Viper can't just adjust with WADID in just a short period of time, he should've played with Irove since they had better synergy, and I feel bad for Ucal and Tarzan, their jungle-mid synergy wasn't quite good. So they collapsed. And;
    Was it really sword who solo killed khan? Or is it just khan's computer lagging.

  11. jang wonyoung 1 year ago

    what's a promotion game?

  12. hadou ken 1 year ago

    I feel bad for wadid, mans just want to play

  13. Ardente 1 year ago

    i think riot korea decides the promotion to be played on stage so we can watch Sword cries

    jokes aside, i feel bad for other Griffin players

  14. JustRockIt141 1 year ago

    well deserved lost GRF.

  15. MrMRmiguelo 1 year ago

    What teams stay or go to lck now?

  16. Unamazing Spiderman 1 year ago

    LMAO serves griffeed right…Cho fires cvMax claims that he isn't part of their success, made the players tight-lipped on the issue, while Sword and Tarzan keeps saying cvMax didn't help them…all because cvMax said they won't win shit with Sword and they must prepare Doran…now the Doran and Chovy reunited with cvMax, 3rd seed, while the noisiest ones eliminated from LCK AYYYY LMAAAAOO….

  17. Rafael Santana 1 year ago

    SWORD is a Garbage….

  18. 김상준 1 year ago

    No Cvmax, No trophy

  19. Dobby The Free Elf 1 year ago

    what does promotion mean ?

  20. Miguel Garcia 1 year ago

    Tarzan and Viper gonna be in the LPL soon, crushing teams like Kanavi is doing.

  21. Euphraxia ツ 1 year ago

    I need TheShy and Tarzan together..

  22. Hậu Nguyễn Công 1 year ago

    Goodbye Sword. 😂

  23. AJ 1 year ago

    Now go use your connections in Riot KR Griffin! Oh wait… Riot KR can't do anything about your org going to relegation kekw

    If Viper is really innocent and is just being blackmailed, I hope he can get out of that team.

  24. Ricardo Milos 1 year ago

    coach kim picked the best top laners, Jin air creates the best adcs

  25. Syber Salvatore 1 year ago

    You can see the difference when you have a great coach, sure he had his issues but Griffin's past coach definitely had a huge impact. Look at DRX this season, the one he's coaching and look at Griffin, from first place to relegation.

  26. Bell Tower 1 year ago

    Tarzan, viper, Ucal… The point is that They experienced world championships

  27. Ahns 1 year ago

    Sandbox clutching it up in the gulag

  28. Rimuru Tempest 1 year ago

    Lol Griffin from contenders to relegation

  29. Ja Vi 1 year ago

    Griffin ended after the controversy where they lost the mid jg synergy of tarzan an chovy while keeping Sword in the top lane.
    bye bye sword time to cry

  30. Oğuzhan Oral 1 year ago

    Brilliant performance from Route, sad to see griffin in this state tho

  31. Fortni 1 year ago

    loved it

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