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Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Broken LCD Repair Guide

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How to do with the broken Sony Xperia M4 Aqua LCD Screen? This video is going to show you how to repair the broken or cracked Sony Xperia M4 Aqua LCD Screen.

1.Heat gun/hair dryer –
2. Guitar Picks –
3. T5 Torx screwdriver –
4. Spudger –
5. Tweezers –
6. Suction Cup –

Step1 Remove the Back Cover
Step2 Remove the Battery
Step3 Remove the Loudspeaker
Step4 Remove the Motherboard
Step5 Remove the LCD Screen
Step6 Install a new LCD Screen
Step7 Put back the Loudspeaker
Step8 Put back the Motherboard
Step9 Put back the Battery
Step10 Put back the Back Cover

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  1. GallusX 11 months ago

    This M4 had already been opened completely, it is much more difficult.
    To change only the display, all you have to do is remove the battery and lower unit, first disconnect the ribbon cable.

  2. Usman Malik 11 months ago

  3. Samuel 11 months ago

    recomended temperature of the heat gun ?

  4. Maureen Llinares 11 months ago

    Just made it!!!
    Good tuto, although you really don't need to remove the motherboard and everything underneath it. Just remove the loudspeaker and the microphone/sub antenna board, which makes you save a lot of time and avoid breaking components. The video doesn't show how tedious it is, everything is glued! But don't sweat it, it's doable, and it's the first time I do something like this, just be gentle with the components.
    One more thing, when you remove the screen be careful, it's composed by a "glass screen" and some component underneath it's smaller, you have to remove both together otherwise the glass will break in little fragments (it happened to me and trust me, it sucks and it's dangerous). Good luck!!

  5. XrayHR 11 months ago

    Do not use this tutorial. It's not detailed enough. With no or little experience you will broke your phone with this video.

  6. Barani Tharan 11 months ago

    G phone number

  7. Vishal Rajput 11 months ago

    Bro you shipping the product in india??

  8. Erica Williamson 11 months ago

    You have reposted this exact video so many times!

  9. Démontage & Montage 11 months ago

    شكرا لك

  10. EagleEye_onBike 11 months ago

    senseless the efforts for such a crap phone. My display broke due to sweating into my phone while a turbo trainer bike session… how is that even possible?
    Crap phone with to less RAM and ridiculous internal memory of 8GB …. on which hardly any Android system fits… additionally the Sony Original ROM is packed full of non-sense Applications.
    Got a Xiaomi A2 Lite with Android One as replacement and I am freaking happy to throw that shit phone away.

  11. SANTIAGO GAMER 11 months ago


  12. Bathuri Jagadeesh 11 months ago

    Can you make video on how to repair sd card slot of sony xperia m4 aqua….?

  13. Jaine R 11 months ago


  14. Aero 11 months ago

    BAD. Just broke my phone due to this bad tutorial. ;(

  15. SZeroS1 11 months ago

    Well, I destroyed my headphone jack and one speaker, but the screen worked in the end…

    A suggestion would be to not disassemble everything, only whats necessary (like said in a couple other comments). This ofcourse, for the people that blindly follow this diy, like myself.

  16. FoxD13 11 months ago

    fake as fuck. this phone was already disassembled

  17. MD Iqbal 11 months ago

    Bhai isme jo glue aap lagaye h us glue ka naam kya h please bhai batana aur her mobile me use kar sakte h

  18. -_DiGiTaL _- 11 months ago

    Few things wrong with this video. Also if you do change your own screen, before you adhere the screen, the corner piece or the back, power the phone up and ensure everything is working. Otherwise your stripping the phone AGAIN, buying more parts and possibly due to a connector not being pushed down enough.

  19. Christian Andersen 11 months ago

    Small components are not glued. So in reality, the task is very complicated.

  20. Ashish Shinde 11 months ago

    So,, good video,, boss

  21. Luis Henrique Orozco Correa 11 months ago

    Does the E2306 uses the same LCD as the E2303?

  22. A God 11 months ago

    my antenna mount broke off my Microphone and Sub antenna board. $6.00 and wait and see if it arrives. wish a store would stock this stuff since you can not always have all the parts you need on hand!

  23. محمد ابو الليل 11 months ago

    wow omg woww

  24. Vitaly Yaunzem 11 months ago

    Пособие как убить смартфон. В видео смарт видать уже перебирался, потому все что показано, относительно легко и везде все отваливается. В реале, досконально следуя видео, вы угробите телефон! Будьте крайне осторожны!

  25. OLEPQ ! 11 months ago

    co ty robisz psujesz

  26. semsemsemsem 010322402 11 months ago

    ماشاء الله عليك

  27. Gamer At Tech 11 months ago

    WitRigs! What is the back cover is it glass or plastic? Camera lens, plastic glass?

  28. Zaanek87 11 months ago

    Shitty movie.. Do it so easly with original glue. DO NOT DO IT WITH THIS MOVIE!

  29. jensenmekk 11 months ago

    I think that this video is to fast,the steps must be more useful,the speaker is glued to the bracket and the jac is so tight conneckted that is not possible to take out,and this lock under the charging port is glued to the frame

  30. Obaid Khorsand 11 months ago

    my digitizer stopped working after this

  31. Curtisengland31 11 months ago

    so… I forgot to put the 6 screws back in. is this a big deal?

  32. Renu Kumari 11 months ago

    will touch and lcd come in separte or in combo

  33. Jokubo Vlogai 11 months ago

    I DROPPED THIS PHONE INTO WATER AND IT DOESN'T WORK!!! Screen shows me nonsenses, such as green or white stripes on black screen. Although, it still vibrates and recongnizes the power button. Is LCD the only problem?

  34. Martin Veem 11 months ago

    Now that the screen is replaced(according to video)… everything works… only thing is that.. screen doesnt recognise my touches… what can be wrong?? btw I double checked the screen cable etc… I would appreciate any feedback and possible solution…

  35. Antonio Barata 11 months ago

    great video!…Fantastic. 🙂

  36. TheBrgm 11 months ago

    Thank You! The phone is mainly working after the fix, but i managed to break the earspeaker while removing it. The components are much more difficult to disassemble in reality than in the video. The video was prepared (components already loose).

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