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The Art Of Netflix And Chill (ft. My Top Netflix Recommendations 2020)

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Netflix and chill – ing is something that a lot of us are probably doing more often due to the world circumstances. Which is why today I want to teach you what series to watch and also what you should be doing while watching netflix with your special someone. I’ll also be sharing with you some of my top netflix recommendations 2020. One show in particular is what I believe to be the best netflix shows to binge watch with your partner.

Some more Netflix suggestions (all binge worthy imo):
Money Heist, Ozark, Stranger Things, Attack On Titan, Death Note, Brooklyn Nine Nine

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  1. Improvement Pill 12 months ago

    What series do you recommend me to watch on Netflix? I actually need some more suggestions myself haha

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  2. bobby coomer 12 months ago

    Was it just me or did you think he was going to say Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, because it follows all of the guidelines exactly.

  3. Ali Afif 12 months ago


  4. avrilsakura05 12 months ago

    i can't be with my boyfriend right now because of quarantine 🙁 we used to do netflix & chill every weekend…

  5. Crusader #777 12 months ago

    More like Netflix and pill

  6. TIME X 1234 12 months ago

    Just got the love of my life

    Teach me Senpai Pill!!!

  7. Lee O’kelly 12 months ago

    Watched dazed and confused.

  8. success journey 12 months ago

    Improvement pill

  9. Shiba 12 months ago

    Neither do i have Netflix or girlfriend

    Why am I watching this video ??

  10. Bindass knowledge 12 months ago

    Sir skills in lockdown make video

  11. Snake Pliskin 12 months ago

    Back like 9 years ago my gf at the time and I watched the entire series of Nip/Tuck when it was on Netflix

  12. j00st00s 12 months ago

    You said recommendations but only gave one :,(

  13. Mathias Müller 12 months ago

    Eyy man! Love the vid. A video suggestion about living with your significant other / roomates etc etc would be imteresting. How to keep a spark but also just chill when watching netflix for instance.
    Big cheers

  14. Human 12 months ago

    Birdbox? Yes I got squeezed by my sister being a sister magnet. Its not very comfortable..

  15. Martin Manyanya 12 months ago

    Man I love this channel man – it has helped me with so many areas it's actually unreal

  16. Gautam Shenoy 12 months ago

    who animates your videos?

  17. Enlil Occidio Sabbateans 12 months ago

    0:10 sounds like a COVID-1984 baby in the making.

  18. Gijs Oomen 12 months ago

    Netflix always seems boring to me

    Then again, I don't have a girlfriend, nor do I pay for my account


  19. karthik G 12 months ago

    "Country I am currently in". Are u in india? Or atleast in South East Asia:)

  20. Ana 12 months ago

    Damn i canceled my netflix membership yesterday…

  21. Rahul Kapoor 12 months ago

    Looking at these points , don't know about netflix but watching WWE together seems a great idea

  22. MAS PROD 12 months ago

    Improvement Pill has improved my Life .. and it inspired me to create a Youtube channel like him .. to help peoples, Take a look on my channe & Support l if you want , I Love you Improvement Pill, thank you for changing my life !

  23. CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW 12 months ago

    This is why I love this channel

  24. Simone Bolner 12 months ago

    Love the idea dude, but it's just me and the fridge here

  25. Redlyrics Books 12 months ago

    I have followed Improvement Pill for a long time and I can only say that this channel is AWSOME! This channel have inspired me to start my own channel, I have gotten great response on my videos and I get really happy every time I see that my channel has got a new subscriber

  26. Naatasha UwU 12 months ago

    I maybe have Netflix but I don’t have an significant other lol qwq

  27. M V 12 months ago

    Watched winnie the pooh with my girlfriend. It was really an emotional roller coaster

  28. Mohamed Mostafa 12 months ago

    I have accounts in all of the websites mentioned, but I don't have speiceal someone 😐

  29. Azzam Muhammadi 12 months ago

    Neon Genesis Evangelion anyone?

    I decided to rewatch this because of world pandemic situation

  30. Venturi 12 months ago

    In Philippines, we have Tulfo and Chill

  31. Salih that guy 12 months ago

    Over time, drawing is getting better and better. Now it only remains to add smooth animation, if applicable

  32. abhay trivedi 12 months ago

    Great video

  33. Sanjay Jethwani 12 months ago

    ya you have a video regarding how to find your passion but please can you make more detailed things like how to try different things in order to find out what you love doing because I m hell obsessed about this..

  34. monotonous 64 12 months ago

    Hey man need more money making online videos

  35. Arjun Sodhi 12 months ago

    Do know a anime named death note try it with her it would be good trust me I already have done that

  36. Sparrow 12 months ago

    Nice topic dude thank a lot

  37. Daniel Dey 12 months ago

    Improvement pill : React to everything displayed on the screen
    Screen shows Netflix home screen
    Me: Oh look this is so interesting, so many choices!!! I love this show…

  38. Sanjay Jethwani 12 months ago

    Improvement pill
    It's my request to you to please talk more about how individuals should take step to discover or build passion

  39. Daksh Singh 12 months ago

    What About Anime ?

  40. N R 12 months ago

    oyeee man I was looking for a show to watch on netfix and this popped up

  41. sugan th 12 months ago

    Please put motivational movies bro

  42. Thotslayer69 12 months ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  43. sugan th 12 months ago

    Hi na

  44. Your Best Self 12 months ago

    My favorite go to Netflix series definitely became "Money Heist". Binged every season with my girlfriend in 1-2 days. 😂

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