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The Legacy Forgotten Gates complete playthrough / + bonus chapter / no commentary

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The game contains some blood, skeletons or other scary moments so not recommended to be watched under age 14. The Legacy: Forgotten Gates is a hidden object game with an interesting story. Follow my steam curator if you like achievements and you want to know about the completion time of the games. The great perfection time and achievement-related info database: Perfection time of this game: ~4h. One playthrough required on hard difficulty. Don’t use skip or hint during the whole game, neither on puzzles, hidden object scenes, neither on cut scene videos. Bonus chapter required. You also need to complete the bonus games and puzzles in the extras tab for your 100%.

Nguồn: https://monywa.org

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  1. Annabell The Doll 1 year ago

    Thank you, you really have helped me there!

  2. sandra averardi 1 year ago

    bellissimo gioco

  3. Game Gate 1 year ago

    Good Job !!

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