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The Mystery of Twinrova and Her Iron Knuckles (Zelda Ocarina of Time Theory)

Iron Knuckles are one of Ocarina of Time’s most beloved enemies– though we have yet to see their return following Majora’s Mask. Or have we? From their original appearance in the Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link to their possible final appearance, join me as I uncover the truth behind Twinrova and the Iron Knuckles’ mysterious enemies origin, once and for all.

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Amazing Iron Knuckle 3D Art (Thumbnail): @Sebastien Heroux-Lefebvre (ArtStation)

80s Music / Instrumental by Aries Beats

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  1. MaskedNintendoBandit 12 months ago

    What other enemies would you like us to cover?

  2. Stankycs 12 months ago

    This theory makes so much sense it has to be true!

  3. apocaliptix penguin 12 months ago

    Or maybe twinrova enhanced their physical abilities while she/they brainwashed the iron knuckles, with the voice being a modification by them to make them seem more fearsome

  4. Jason Morris 12 months ago

    "Co-take" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    It's a japanese name, my dude. You pronounce it similarly to Kotaku, but you know… with the "e" at the end, replacedly

  5. Justice Taylor 12 months ago

    Wait! Those nameless Iron Knuckles are feminine under the armor? rule 34 creeps in

  6. k3l0gg 12 months ago

    I think this is great vid. I never thought of the suit as a being itself.

    One thing, we see fair skinned Gerudo in BoTW, don't we (I can think of at least two NPCs)? Not that you're wrong in the Onox is not Gerudo, but that needlessly racial point was, well, needless. The male bit and Onox ultimately being a monster from the Dark Realm more than made the point that he was not Gerudo and the point that the armor is not exclusive to Gerudo use.

  7. KumoRocks 12 months ago


  8. MAJOR_ FAM 12 months ago

    Maybe the suits are spirits linked to the armour (something like Al from FMA)

  9. Creo 12 months ago

    Interesting stuff. Never really put much thought into the Iron Knuckles myself, so it gets the brain churning with ideas.
    Not really on board in believing that Veran is a Gerudo, though.

  10. Giovanny Avitia 12 months ago

    Just wanted to point out that there's supposed to be a male gerudo born every 100 years. So that could've been the case instead of possesed armors. Just a point to keep in mind.

  11. quantasium 12 months ago

    I think the Gerudo male only ever being born once in a hundred years is just an exaggeration. It’s just that the chances of a male Gerudo being produced is so low that you only see one every hundred years or so. General Onox could very well be a Gerudo, but from a different Gerudo tribe.

  12. Midnight S2 12 months ago

    I always loved the humor in the beginning of the battle in spirit temple.

  13. Andrew Collard 12 months ago


  14. Dennis 12 months ago

    Tell us your theory on Terminia that you hinted at towards the end. I think the entire adventure is a near-death hallucination/adventure that is a test by something ill defined to see if Link should survive a fatal fall. But I'd love to hear your ideas.

  15. Silas_Tepish 12 months ago

    Where are the greudo in twilight princess

  16. Maximilian Hankel 12 months ago

    Hello, first of all Love your Content, def. a new sub.
    But second i would like to know your opinion on two facts. Your thougts on the Iron knuckles in termina would really interest me. And second, like mentioned in comments before mine, that Symbol on the dress of veran really reminds me of the yiga Symbol, what are you're thougts in that?

    P.S. am terribly sorry for any spelling errors in my Comment, i'm German and autocorrect hates me. … Also yes Twinrova was called "Killa Omahz", in the first Phase of their battle, and "Thermo Sexy Hexy" in their second one, while fusioned, in german. It really was kinda awkward for me when i asked my dad what those two names meant.

  17. Marisa Chavez 12 months ago

    Can you do a scary conspiracy theory for Legend Of Zelda. Please.

  18. Joana Shanen 12 months ago

    I don't have anything cool to add, but I do have a joke! What's an Iron Knuckle's favorite snack? A knuckle sandwitch (because Twinrova are/is? witches in the desert!) Okay, I'll leave now.

  19. Penguin Ninja 12 months ago

    Love it! Keep up the great work, MNB!

  20. Captain_ Unhinged 12 months ago

    Compared to the gerudo in botw are the ones in Oot shorter or is Oot Link just tall af.

  21. Sir Troba 12 months ago

    I’m a simple man; I see some love for the Oracle games, I like

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