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Where Is Kim Jong-un? How Experts Track North Korea’s Leader | NYT News

Rumors are swirling about Kim Jong-un’s location and health. These North Korea experts showed us how they collect information about his secretive regime.

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  1. Christoph Koettl 1 year ago

    Hi all, I am one of the reporters who worked on this video.

    With so many rumors circulating about Kim Jong-un, we didn't want to add more speculation. Instead, we wanted to explore what North Korea experts and observers are doing to keep track of developments in this secretive country.

    Direct access for independent observers such as journalists is highly restricted in North Korea. So what can be done? First, there are satellite images to track motorcades, trains, planes, or ships. This technology also allows us to look at activity at the residences of Kim Jong-un.

    Further, experts also look at state broadcasts for new visuals of Kim Jong-un, and keep an eye on unusual flight or military activities.

    None of these tools provide a magic bullet to figure out exactly what's going on in real time. As one of the experts told me, it's important to rely on multiple sources and to not jump to conclusions.

    If you are interested to see more about how we and others use new technologies and traditional reporting to conduct investigations of closed countries such as North Korea, check out these stories:

  2. Ronald Rogers Jr. 1 year ago

    He's just faking his death to see if his followers are faithful.

  3. James 1 year ago

    He's alive. The South Korean government knows more than anyone here and they said they haven't heard anything about him being dead. I guess people are getting tired of the virus so the news had to pivot to gossip.

  4. kann dy 1 year ago

    🇰🇭🇰🇭 hello

  5. Hec Rivz 1 year ago

    Denis Rodman said Hes ok just isolating playing 2k Classics..

  6. Nitro Gene 1 year ago

    ha ha ha..leave the guy alone dudes..focus on yourselves! stop the spread of feeding fear for a bit and enjoy the sunshine 🙂 most important to recognize that the true enemy is whitin.."you"

  7. XFXR XMXT 1 year ago

    I hate the nyt but this thumbnail was funny.

  8. Mihad Alzayat 1 year ago

    When kim jong il was ill, they changed his name to kim jong good

  9. Bob Down 1 year ago

    He’s been replaced by the CIA and they have him touring the McDonald’s just to shape him up for the role😈

  10. ET Peterson 1 year ago

    Wow Guys…. Glad to see you're revealing this information. I'm sure by having this on youtube, you will now make North Korea even more difficult to track. They know you know….

  11. Jazlyn Grace Ong 1 year ago

    One of the guys look like JacksFilms

  12. stacy conrey 1 year ago

    If he sick wouldn't his best buddy Rodman know

  13. mrMonaxis 1 year ago

    Don't die Kim. We need people who've got balls enough to threaten America and her allies with a nuke.

  14. scarletツ 1 year ago

    fine, I’ll do it myself 🔫😌

  15. A B C D 1 year ago

    Good year so far

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  18. The Matadore 1 year ago

    You guys made that ending so eerie.

  19. Shah Imran 1 year ago

    USA is #1 Devil. Who track everything of everyone.

  20. Velcranox Naziri 1 year ago

    Hey they made a whole movie about this!!

  21. MrColdwatercanyon 1 year ago

    The dearest leader Hahahaha

  22. British Filipina Tandem 1 year ago


  23. J 1 year ago

    Fatten Up for an American Bar•B•Q
    The world doesn’t need North Korea

  24. F. Teixeira 1 year ago

    3:44 thats like running into your allies base in age of empires when enemy team steam rolls you.

  25. Sec. A A 1 year ago

    Man who gives af

  26. Asheville Trainman 1 year ago

    Why would we share this information? If I was north korea, I would take this information and basically do opposite of what they are looking for.

  27. ആലി ബാബ 1 year ago

    China=north korea

  28. Trevor G Welch 1 year ago

    I think I saw Kim roaming around AREA-51 …. being escorted by 3 tall grey extraterrestrials . He arrived via the highly secret Trump/Un STARGATE

  29. Vvibin 1 year ago

    different level of stalking

  30. Yan Marle 1 year ago

    To find out what he ate for breakfast: Steal the garbage out of his kitchen. Take it to the best laboratories for analysis.

  31. Daniel Doria 1 year ago

    Kim jong Ruim

  32. NACY PETERSON 1 year ago

    first 10 reminds me of a funeral all the flowers whats big deal anyway he one person on a crowded planet

  33. Conservative Patriots & Oath keepers 1 year ago

    Hopefully he is dead.

  34. The official JoJo Jonez the 80s baby 1 year ago

    America nosey asf

  35. TallSomeone 1 year ago

    It's funny. It's not the leaders that really are the problem; it's the human heart and the lesson that that heart has incarneted to learn that is in play. These people, bless their hearts, are in the mode in this life of being subserviant and of pandering to authority, regardless of corruption. That's a deep deal, but just one manifestation of the privileges we humans have of being born into challenges that later will help us fly like beams of light.

    I mean really, human friends, why do you care about what this boy does? What story have YOU embraced that makes him more important that paying your credit cards or making sure your family members are loved, cared for and happy? Why does this medium message phase you?

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